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Samuel Iyinbo (The Roving Messenger)

Samuel Iyinbo (The Roving Messenger)

We Are All Spiritual Beings on a Journey on This Earth Plane To Know Ourselves and To Know GOD Some information about me and my journey to self discovery as the Roving Messenger

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  • The Fire, The Ark, The Covenant

  • The Gift of Life in 24 hours

  • The Value of Mistakes, Failure and Depression

  • A Solution to Eradicate the Scourge of Secret Cult Killings in Nigeria Schools (pt 1).

  • Participation in the Edo Civil Society Organizations Protest Against BEDC

  • Musings On The Mount: Christ Consciousness and Life

  • The Different Shades Of Truth And The Different Messengers

  • Impromptu video on Higher vibrations.

  • There is A Difference Between Knowing the Path and Walking the Path

  • My Thoughts on Clairvoyance, The Move of the Holy Spirit in Humans and Love

  • Pep Talk And Yoga Exercise: Demand what it is you want from life.