Understanding The Value of Mistakes, Failure and Depression and the Role of The Higher-Self.

You may watch the video or read the transcription below.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes and to fail. To notice a mistake in the first place means you are able to see from your higher self-perspective, the goal you hope to attain and which you fell short of. Congratulations, for this is your first step towards achieving your goal. The view and the realization.

Your Higher self which sees all can help you reach your goal, if only you pick yourself up each time you fail. The fuel needed by your higher self to plough the way are; Faith and Courage, the belief in yourself and the relentless obsession to attain your goal. Creation is only manifested by action. You can only create your vision by deliberate action and this is brought about much faster by the value of the action you take. So no matter how small the steps you take may be, take them all the same towards your goal, each and every single day. For life is too short to live in stagnation and fear.

It is said that Rome was not built in a day. This labour of love of such magnitude and scope undertook much vision, sweat, blood and tears. The architects and builders created their vision through courageous action every single day. Every day a blessing to create the vision and to correct mistakes along the way, for such a grandiose vision can only be created through action and not by building castles in the air.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes or to fail. For the recognition of a mistake and failure means you recognized a flaw along the way to perfection. This recognition can only come from your higher-self which sees all, He/She knows where you are right now and sees the end result you hope to achieve. Such elevated realization means you are on the right track and closer to your higher self and perfection than you think, so do not berate yourself and do not be overwhelmed to the point of incapacity.

Never surrender yourself to the tumultuous waves of Life. For we are all on a journey of realization and only the strong survive in this voyage of life and only the wise progress through the tempest. I tell you, you are indeed wise to recognize your mistakes, for to know is a potential state of “being” and with knowledge comes the inner strength to realize the vision, if only you believe in yourself and to try to overcome no matter the obstacles.

What is depression? if not a deep realization and regret of knowing we are not where we are supposed to be. Such a realization should be followed by an equivalent deep reset and not incapacitation. Instead, such a state should be a galvanizing catapult, an unstoppable resolve to bounce back from where we are, to soar high with faith and courage and to attain the goal we know we can attain which has been duly recognized by our higher self.

For it is true, if you can see it, you can achieve it. You can reach your goal and be the best version of yourself, if only you believe in yourself and take action every day till you create your vision.

Strive every day to push harder, to #KnowThyself.