The End of Corona Virus from May 2020: An African Herbal Remedy

In an earlier post on my Facebook on April 16,…/ I said we should all pray and focus on getting rid of the fear of Covi-19 from May 2020 and I also talked about the efficacy of African herbs.

It is a good thing that Governments in some countries and states are gradually opening up their economies and a little known country like Madagascar in Africa has a found a herbal cure.

Let us continue to remain positive there is power in positivity. I will soon be coming up with a video on the manifestation principle of positivity.

Herbal Cure  From Madagascar

Madagascar President Has Approved a Herbal cure for COVID-19, After Experiment And It Cured People In His Country. The Plant Has Been Dealing With Respiratory Diseases For Decades. Africa Should Not Rely On WHO. Uganda Is The First African Country To Order This Medicine.

US to fund Madagascar Covid-19 herbal cure with $2.5m.…/us-to-fund-madagascar…/

Name of the Plant Used for Herbal Cure

The plant has been proven effective in cure COVID-19.
It’s called:
English – Artemisia
Yoruba – Ewe Egbin
Ibibio – Mkpatat
Hausa – Tazargade (Baaba)