The Magic of Woman

I noticed something funny, no matter how much I pack all the sugar milk and beverage into a cup to make tea, the tea I make never turns out to be as sweet as the one my wife makes. She uses very little beverage, milk and sugar, yet the tea always turns out the same, sweet whereas mine with all the sugar, milk and all it can never match up and anytime I asked her the secret she always laughs.

The same thing with quaker oats, na so I go pack all the quaker oats into the pot yet I would always make a mess of it, yet just a few spoons my wife makes the best quaker oats.

It made me reflect on something every man knows if you give a good woman little money to manage the home front she always makes a miracle out of it, but give most men the same amount of money the men would make a mess out of it

(As they say, give a woman a seed and she would give you a baby 

In the management of home affairs and even some establishments, women seem to have better management skills than most men. I give my thumbs up to them.

It would be good if one day, Nigeria got a female president, like Germany and the UK

P.S. The element that nurtures the same way a woman does is earth, that is why she is called “Mother Earth”